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Favourite Things


Orchids, lilies - esp. Prairie and Stargazer varieties

*Gabby tends to dislike cut flowers. If you like to offer botanical gifts, please choose a potted variety of these blooms, or any herb or succulent - Gabby's green thumb will nurture it!


fitted, lace, corsets, stockings, garters, shoes - esp. stiletto heels, colours -black/pink/blue


Reds, dry pref, esp. Pinot Noir


Fresh seafood, juicy medium-rare steak, in-season and local vegetables and fruits, water :D

Other Gastronomic Loves:

Red and cream ales, Guinness, dark chocolate, hazelnut flavours, coffee!!!

Can't Live Without:

Coffee!! ~ Tim Hortons: Dark roast with 1 cream ~ Starbucks: Cinnamon dolce latte, espresso drinks, flat whites

Also: cuddles with my kitty cats, laughter, a few books on the go, the Weather Network (hehe), music - rockabilly, punk, alternative, classic rock...

More FAQs

Are your fees negotiable?

No. Trying to negotiate will only serve to annoy me and dampen my opinion of you as a gentleman. I will, from time to time, advertise specials, for example, on longer encounters or pre-booked dates.

What are your service restrictions?

My expectation is that my partner is clean, well-groomed, and DDF, as I am. While I can be awfully risque, I never put our health at risk, providing cfs only. I will decline meeting you upon any request of bbfs/bbg, and insist you leave immediately if you make this request while we are together.

Will you decline a date based on race, age, weight or any other factor?

I do not discriminate based on race, age, weight or any other physical qualities.

But I will refuse to see and/or terminate a date immediately with anyone who is rude, disrespectful, indiscreet, practices poor hygiene, or is excessively intoxicated.

Will you provide a reference for me?

Yes, absolutely. I advocate a safe and cooperative network of service providers. I'm happy to offer another SP a reference, as long as we have met recently enough (no longer than 12 months ago). Please let me know in advance who I will be hearing from.

Etiquette & Frequently Asked Questions

You have been attracted to my companionship because we share similar values of discretion and health and safety.

My expectation is that you would never ask me to lower my standards, to which I've given careful consideration for our mutual safety and comfort.

I conduct my independent business with professionalism and integrity, and it is my expectation is that the gentlemen I attract will extend that same courtesy.

Gabby's Marketing & Presentation

Are your photos current and accurate?

They are. Photos are recent, accurate, and of me. I blur my face and a couple tattoos for discretion purposes.

Can you send me more photos of yourself?

Sorry, no. I invite you to view my Gallery here on my website, my candids available on Twitter, and various pics shared in my online forum albums.

Can you send me face photos? Why don't you show your face in your photos ?

Sorry, no. As I respect the privacy and discretion of my dates, so I ask the same privacy in return. I'm involved in professional ventures outside this lifestyle, and prefer to keep my identity private. I assure you I'm a cute young gal, with girl-next-door charm, a nice complexion and bright white smile.

Gabby's Naughty Girl-Next-Door Experience

Do you like to kiss?

I sure do! Ensuring your breath is fresh and clean, and that facial hair/moustache is attended to (in consideration of my soft lips and smooth face) especially makes me want to explore your mouth with mine!

Can we shower together?

Generally, I find accompanied showers a little too crowded. Please shower in advance of our visit, or feel free to use my shower facilities, well supplied with male body wash, fresh towels, etc, upon arrival. I assure you I've just done the same.

Do you allow in-date photos or video?

I do! I love to relive our time together with more than just memory! An additional donation is required. Please see my Guidelines page for details.

Are you bisexual?

I very much enjoy playing with women - alone or with you as three! I do love to taste and discover another lovely lady's soft, smooth body...

So you offer duos then?

From time to time, I offer duos with a gal I find especially erotic! As we get to know each other more, I’m happy to discuss this type of playtime with you.

Would you see me and my friend at the same time?

Let's get to know each other more, and then we can chat more about experiences like this! I'm happy to see lifestyles partners and close friends of both sexes.

Do you see couples?

Yes, I do! Our date begins with a casual drink to connect and share our likes, and leaves lots and lots of time to explore and play and share each other and repeat! I do like to correspond well in advance to confirm our compatibility - let's make sure all three of us have the sensual experience we seek! Please contact me directly to inquire about dates for couples.

Are you fetish and/or bdsm friendly?

I am not a specialist in alternative or fetish services. I don't believe I am the most competent provider to meet your needs in erotic power exchange or other full fetish experience. At this time, my focus is on the naughty girlfriend experience. In these types of experiences, I can truly let my sexual self show! Now, as we get to know each other more, I'd love to hear some of your exciting fantasies, and may indulge you if I'm confident I can offer an amazing new experience...

Planning Your Rendezvous with Gabby

Do you take outfit requests?

You’ll typically find me in stockings and garter, with a sexy bra set, corset, teddy, or chemise of many varieties! I welcome your requests for simple preferences such as with or without stockings and garter, heels, your favorite colors and style of lingerie. Please be sure to mention your likes when booking.

What about costumes? Schoolgirl? Nurse?

I love to dress up and role-play – your fantasies and mine! Please, share your desires with me! I’m likely to oblige...

*Please note that I don't always travel with extensive clothing and/or lingerie. Please pre-book your appointment well in advance if you have specific requests.

Can I line you up for my buddy, client, co worker, husband, boyfriend?

No, I'm afraid I do not take third-party bookings. I'd love to hear from that person directly to make plans of our own.

Can I book you to provide entertainment for a bachelor party,birthday party, or other group event?

I'm sorry, no. While I'm quite charming and talkative when we're together, I prefer companionship in a more intimate setting, and am at my sensual best one-on-one.

Can I take you on a "real date" (without paying you)?

Thank you, I'm flattered. However, I must insist we keep our time together professional. I am a professional companion, and this activity is one I balance with other areas of my life. Indeed, romantic dating in most traditional forms involves assorted costs, and I've put that area of my own life on hold to offer you a sensual experience free from anxiety, drama, and "strings". That said, receiving compensation for my time does not negate the fact that I very genuinely enjoy your company. I do offer a reduced donation for lunch and dinner dates, and social activities such as seeing a movie or attending a live event, enjoying outdoor activities, or almost anything else you can imagine.

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