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Gabby Gabs...

Oh Regina, why do I continue to waste my time...?

After a delightful return to Moose Jaw earlier this week, and my enchantment preparing for my road-trip east, I'm afraid my lovely mood has been slightly soured by the folks here at home.

Note I did not say "gents", for the flakiness and no-shows I encounter again here at home cannot possibly describe gentlemen. After an entire evening last night of time-wasters (wondering why I didn't stay another day in the Friendly City), I awoke this morning, refreshed from a great sleep in my own bed, and headed to my hotel. A fresh day brought a renewed attitude of excitement - about to delight two lucky gents and start each of their weekend's off with a bang! I can't express how wet I get knowing you've got a stupid smile on your face all day because of my mouth...

And then a no-show. OK, not exactly. A "I'm leaving now" text right at the appointment start time. I'm sorry, but arriving 15 minutes into your 30 minute date is not acceptable. I don't have an express lane; I can't provide you with a quality experience in that time. And please don't assume that we can just bump our date back a little - even for a gal like me, who leaves more than adequate time between dates - how is that fair to the next guest, who intends to be punctual (or, in fact, requires it for his own strict schedule)?

But, don't worry, because he didn't show either. No email, no call, no text.

Awesome start to the morning. Not. I'm not going to gripe about no-shows generally. But, again, in Regina!

I find this especially frustrating, after reading countless reports within escort review board communities, of poor experiences in Regina - disinterested girls, drug addicts, upsellers, disgusting incall locations, bait and switch, and those scary situations with sheer scammers. Have our Regina hobbyists lost so much faith that they can't recognize a couple professional gals sincerely showing gents a great time?

And, very likely, holding appointments for these flakes restricts availability for gents who would keep their dates, like any of you who are actually reading my ramblings, lol.

What's a gal to do?

- Continue to focus my attention on smaller centres, where gentlemen exist who value the time of a lady like me. And, I'm loving the drives to get there! See where I'm headed next!

- Introduce booking restrictions for new friends here in my hometown, such as references/screening or booking deposits?

- Offer hotel outcall only until I establish a reliable group of friends here in the Queen City? It's not viable for me to continue to lose money securing hotels, only to have them sit empty as date after date does not appear. 

- Reserve early morning and late evening appointments for companions I've already met? These times of day pose the most inconvenience for me when dates don't show, and they seem to be the times when new friends flake most often.

Ultimately, I guess I'm frustrated that I continue to find myself frustrated.

For the remainder of this Regina "visit", I'm honouring only those that have pre-booked and confirmed to date, and blocking the rest of my schedule as unavailable. I'm sorry for those who had hoped to still set a date for this weekend, but I'm not able to provide a good experience when I have such a bad taste in my mouth.

I very much look forward to the encounters I have planned - extended dates with gentlemen who've been wonderful to communicate with over the past few weeks, and whom I shall very soon delight in return - and will use the remainder of my time here at home to play in my garden and cleanse my mind of this sour experience before I embark on next week's adventures!

Always happy to book a date in advance with you - let's start chatting now.

Warmest wishes for a wonderful weekend!


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